The fun exploded all-out!! “LEO PRESENTS THE RAPPER CONCERT” More than 50 rappers flocked the stage, roaring dances across the hall!!

22 September 2018

Fun exploded with this paramount of a concert “LEO PRESENTS THE RAPPER CONCERT”, the long awaited event was fired up with over 50 rappers parading on the same stage! Full-fledged actions for the whole 4 hours to fill The Rapper devotees with satisfaction!!

The concert hall almost cracked when dances ensued after the 2 producers ‘Joey Boy’ and ‘Khan Titanium or KH’ came out with The Rapper’s 4 coaches, ‘Golf Fuckling Hero’ ‘URBOYTJ’ ‘TWOPEE Southside’ and ‘PMC: Phujhan Microphone Checker’. The opening show was on fired. Then ‘Louise (1Flow)’ came out armed in armed with ‘Ice Apitsada’ leading the rapper audiences to exercise dance steps.

Excitement heighten when champions of The Rapper started singing. The champion ‘IRONBOY’ sang ‘Fak Leang’ followed by the two handsome ‘POPPA & CDGT’ who sang ‘Kor Hai Ruay’; then more dance with ‘Kennoi Roileera & T-Biggest vs Chareef’ singing ‘Chu Rak’. These 3 shows left everyone in the hall gasping fore breath from ecstatic dance-along. ‘URBOYTJ’ then performed a breathless medley of hits songs ‘Wai Rai – Mee Fan Laeo – Ya Kid Maak – Khao Korn’. The sequence ended with special show form ‘TJ & P-HOT’ performing ‘BYEBYE’.

Next were the junior rappers. ‘DIAMOND’, a young guy in eyeglasses with talents beyond his age, performed the song ‘Pood Mai Koi Keng’. ‘LAZYLOXY’, young and handsome sweetheart of the girls, performed ‘Yoo Tor Loei Dai Mai’. Allowing the audience to catch some breaths with tearful ballads, ‘DARKFACE’ performed ‘Kon Tang Nun’ and ‘BLACKSHEEP & NEKROFEAR & 20October’ performed ‘Dao Pra Dub Fah’. Coach ‘Golf Fuckling Hero’ then took the mic and started a non-stop medley ‘Wai Ro Roueng – Alarms – Choojai – Khun Rod Dang – Ratree Sawad – Bodkawee Khong Look Puen – Jack Poo Kah Yak’ leaving the audiences in awe with his witty rhymes. This sequence ended with a special show by ‘Gold Fuckling Hero & POPPA’ roaring ‘Ao Hai Yub’ in ecstasy.

Back to more dances with The Rapper’s couple: ‘ModeVan’ sang ‘Khun Kru Krub’ and ‘Puppup Kodchakorn’ sang ‘Sud Rid Sud Date’. Then ‘Chitswift’ performed ‘Ya Pid’ and ‘Rapaze’ performed ‘Saak Khon’ and the whole hall was mesmerized. ‘TWOPEE Southside’, The Rapper’s third coach, brought up medley of solid hits for the audiences to rap ‘Welcome to the south – YMPL – Wai Ah Plao – Yoo Mai Ning – Ao La Wei’. Closing the sequence with yet another special show by ‘TWOPEE & IRONBOY’ performing ‘JOHNNY’ – the coach and the first champ of The Rapper never disappoint the audiences ‘IRONBOY’ ended it with his victory song ‘Rang Wan Dae Khon Chang Fun’, triggering screams from across the concert hall with his champion degree.

Euphoria exploded in the last sequence of the concert with solid playlists for the audiences to rap it all out. Began with ‘PMC: Phujhan Microphone Checker’ quaking the audiences with a medley ‘Yan Wang Loei Ai Song – Lae Rak Nirand Karn – Trab Tulee Din – Sapan Maipai’; Then ‘KQ’ joined PMC in the songs ‘Ork Jak Gang Rao Pailoei’ and ‘Krabee Rai Team Tarn’. When the petite rapper ‘OG-ANIC’ performed ‘Kor Jai Ther Lak Ber Tho’, all devotees in the hall joined him in the popular dance moves. ‘Singnoy’ stepped up the game with the song ‘Roob Lor Mee Sid Mai Krub’ and everyone danced till the hall almost cracked. Another special show to highlight the ending of this event with the last 6 rappers from The Rapper ‘IRONBOY & POPPA & Chitswift & Repaze & Urius & DARKFACE’; together they performed ‘Lhao Jah’ with a rap session prepared especially for this concert. To end this unforgettable event, ‘JOEYBOY & KH’, the renown producers of The Rapper show, sparked the audiences with nostalgic memories of AA Crew with a medley of old-time favorite hits ‘Yok Mue Kuen – Ta Leung – Flip – Yed – Ao Pah’ while everybody danced and sang along.

To close the event filled with joy, hall-cracking euphoria, satisfaction, and impressions, all the 50+ rappers were invited on stage to take selfies, recording the memories of this “LEO PRESENTS THE RAPPER CONCERT” with more than 5,000 fans in the hall. It’s definitely one of the most ecstatic concerts of the year!