This Mother’s Day, be delighted and touched by the value of Thai arts and culture in Khun Pra Chuai Live Show #8 “Reviving Ayothaya” – a concert more than just a concert!

30 August 2018

On-trend with the current fad to raise awareness on Thai arts and cultures, Khun Pra Chuai Live Show #8 “Reviving Ayothaya” returned to impress. Conserving Thai culture through beautiful music and voices of many talented artists who took part in the show to delight Thais’ hearts. This year, the show was organized around the Mother’s Day as a great gift for the occasion. It was the 8th time for the show, now organized under a theme “Reviving Ayothaya” – just listening to the name and the nostalgic images of Thai from Ayuthaya era immediately pop up. Many concert-goers came dressed in traditional cloths such as loincloths or jong-kra-bane and breast cloths or sbai to match the theme of the show. MC duty for this year remains in the hands of the two comedians, Teng Terd-turng and Pun Pluh-taek, who entertained the audience with amusing jokes as usual.